We’re Better Together​

The proposition that many heads are better than one is not always true in the workplace.

If you’ve contributed to a successful collaboration in business, government or the community sector, you’ll know teaming across disciplines and organisational boundaries requires highly developed leadership and communication skills. As the number of heads around the decision making table grows, so too does the need to be clear about purpose, values, drivers and expectations. You need crystal clear measures of success and agreed processes to evaluate and learn from your mistakes and victories.

Many heads unprepared for collaboration burn people and cash. Fast.

Investing in the skills and processes that support purposeful collaboration is vital if you want to produce better results, together with your partners.

I facilitate and coach for collaboration, team development and leadership. I can help you and your organisation work more effectively with others, increasing your success and capacity to sustain the collaboration over time.

We’re better together, when we prepare and learn along the way.

With twenty years experience and post graduate qualifications in leadership, you can trust me to design, deliver and evaluate developmental experiences for your team.

My capability as a facilitator and coach comes from lived experience as a Chief Executive Officer, Company Director, consultant and team member. My work history involves serving as
CEO of Be.Bendigo, Sustainable Regional Australia and Melbourne Cares and Executive Officer of LEAD Loddon Murray. I’ve worked in senior roles in state and local governments and my experience spans the energy, defence, education and training and community sectors.

View my experience and qualifications here.

Capable, Credentialled and Connected


Helping people and organisations achieve best value through collaboration.


Self-Knowledge: The more we know ourselves, the better we can know each other. The more we can know each other, the more we can achieve together.

Reflection: I’m big on action and impact. I’m even more enamoured by practising reflection, individually and collectively to discover new ways of creating, innovating and running our organisations together.

Connection: Finding shared purpose and meaning in our work.

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